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Our Services

We focus on wellness, covering all aspects of your child's health. We look at the whole child - physical, developmental, and emotional. Whether it's caring for your sick child, offering breastfeeding advice or helping you manage your child's asthma, we are committed to providing the best care for your child. We understand your questions and concerns and will take time to listen. Here is a glance at some of our basic services, online services and little extras that we provide for our patients.

New Patients

We are excited that you have chosen Jeffers, Mann & Artman Pediatrics to partner with you in the care of your family. As a family-centered medical home, we embrace the concept of providing quality care by a core team of healthcare professionals.

What to Expect

Expectant Parents

An informal group meeting with our providers held on a weekly basis. It gives expectant parents an opportunity to ask questions, learn how we function as a practice, and view our facility as well.

Expectant Parent Classes

Well Visits


Immunizations are one of the most important things you can do for your child, your family and your friends. We don't vaccinate just to protect our children and ourselves; we vaccinate to protect our friends and family, our grandchildren and future generations, and those most vulnerable to these diseases, such as those with immune deficiencies, the elderly, and premature infants.

Developmental Screenings

To meet each child's individual needs and various stages of development, our practice's approach offers various assessment tools and resources to enhance your child's full potential.

Hearing/Vision Screenings

Routine screenings on both hearing and vision are performed in our office by our nursing staff, beginning when the child is three years of age.

Well Visit & Immunization Schedule

Sick Visits

Please call us if your child is ill and you need advice or think your child needs to be seen. Our triage nurses are trained to assess your child's symptoms to determine if your child needs an "urgent" or same day appointment.

Treatment on Minor Lacerations and Injuries

Our office can usually treat minor lacerations and, if sutures are indicated, we can remove them as well.

Sick Visits

Chronic Conditions

Our providers at Jeffers, Mann & Artman are well oriented in all aspects of pediatric illness. Our collaborative care approach enables high-quality management of each child's particular health care needs.

Chronic Conditions

Lactation Consultations

Many of our nursing staff have attended basic courses in lactation counseling and can answer most routine questions. In addition, we offer consultation services with a board-certified lactation consultant.

Breastfeeding Consultations

Laboratory Services

Our offices are certified as a moderate complexity laboratories. We offer many tests in-house and have a full-time laboratory technician on staff. Examples of some of our testing capabilities include: rapid strep testing/strep cultures; complete blood counts; usually obtained via finger stick; urinalysis/culture and much more. In the event a test is needed that we cannot perform in-house, a specimen can be obtained here and sent out for testing.

More About Lab Services

Healthy Lifestyles Program

At Jeffers, Mann & Artman, we believe that wellness begins with healthy living. We will help you acheive a healthy level of physical exercise and good eating habits to reach your child's best physical and emotional health.

Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Telemedicine Visits

Jeffers, Mann & Artman Pediatrics is now able to schedule virtual visits with your provider via video through our new Telemedicine platform Doxy.me.

Telemedicine Visits

Vaccine Clinics

During flu season, Jeffers, Mann & Artman Pediatrics offers vaccine clinics at many of our locations for our patients.

Learn About Vaccine Clinics

Additional Services

Tooth Varnishing

This specialty service is provided for children six months through age three.

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