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2406 Blue Ridge Rd, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: 919-786-5001
Fax: 919-786-5001

Complimentary Phone Nurse Advice

During Office Hours

During our regular hours of operations, we offer complimentary advice from our experienced pediatric nurses.

Raleigh: 919-999-1901
Clayton: 919-999-1902
Cary: 919-999-1903
Wake Forest: 919-999-1904
Holly Springs: 919-999-1905
West Cary: 919-999-1906

After Office Hours

After hours, calls will be handled by Wake Med Triage Services. Due to an increase in charges to the practice, we must charge ten dollars for calls handled through this service. However, as a courtesy, we will waive after hours charges for all patients under two months of age.

After Hours Instructions

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Six Convenient Raleigh Area Offices

Building photo for Raleigh office
919-786-5001, #6
Map & Directions
Building photo for Clayton office
919-359-3500, #6
Map & Directions
Building photo for Cary office
919-852-0177, #6
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Building photo for Wake Forest office
919-453-5363, #6
Map & Directions
Building photo for West Cary office
919-388-7520, #6
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